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Vane Julian is an illustrator based on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, where she works from her studio for publishers, magazines, and institutions. She navigates between editorial and commercial work, doing press, children’s illustration, graphic campaigns and mural art.


Images as language


She uses images as a means of communication, as if it were another language. Each project has its own process of work, approaching them from a conceptual or graphic side of it.


Multicultural perspective


Her professional career has taken her to live in different places such as Barcelona, Italy, Manchester (United Kingdom) and Nepal, a fact that has influenced her work. Her interest in learning about different cultures makes traveling one of her main sources of inspiration, focusing on the gender perspective, traditions and their popular tales, which determines the graphic language she uses. Knowing different cultures has led her to develop an eclectic multicultural perspective that is reflected in her way of working, using bright colors, simple shapes and iconography.


Critical and committed perspective


She collaborates assiduously in cultural initiatives contributing the graphic part from a critical and committed perspective.

Clients include

Departament de cultura de l’Ajuntament de Castelló, Andana Editorial (publisher), Edicions Bromera (publisher), Iridia BCN, La Pirata Brewing-BCN, Transversal Coop, Petit Sapiens, Fundació Bromera, Pikara Magazine, CMA Borriana (Castellon), Bolimini Art i Educacio, MICE (Festival Internacional de Cinema Educatiu), Humans Fest València, Say it Loud BCN…


FINALISTA XIX EDICIÓN PREMIS JUNCEDA de l’APIC 2021 (Associació professional d’il.lustradors de Catalunya) Proyecto: FIRA DE LES ARTS (Catergoria Junceda Global)

FINALISTA PREMIOS APIM 2021 (Associación profesional de illustradores de Madrid) Proyecto: FIRA DE LES ARTS (Catergoria General)

LONGLISTED SELECTED – Word Illustration Award by the AOI (Association of illustration-Regne Unit) & Directory of illustration.

NHS TRUST- LIME ARTS STUDIO • NHS Foundation Trust Art- Ilustraciones para el edificio “Sid Watkins Building, NHS for Neurology and Neurosurgery”, Liverpool-uk.


BABALUNGA I KAMALONGOS. Exposición internacional de ilustración editorial. Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporànea – Valencia (2020/2021/2022). Comisariada por BABA KAMO.

ARTISTES AL RESCAT. Exposición colectiva. CMC La Mercé Borriana (2022) Comisariada por L’AURORA.

VERD! Exposición colectiva de ilustraciones sobre revuelta medioambiental. Comisariada por APIV Jardín Botánico – València (2021).

EN EL MUSEU, EN LA TERRA. Exposición colectiva. Museu d’art Contemporani Vicent Aguilera Cerní-Vilafames (2020).

IL·LUMINADES. Museu BBAA Castelló (2019). Comisariada por Adona’t (2020)

SPECIES. Exposición individual. The Font, Chorlton – Manchester (2018)

AZTEC. Exposición individual. Man Bits Frog – Manchester (2017)

ART AND MUSIC . Exposición individual. OneFiveEight collective – Kraak Gallery. Manchester (2017).

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